10 reasons to make Marthrown your next Staycation Destination

10 reasons to make Marthrown your next Staycation Destination
10 reasons to make Marthrown your next Staycation Destination

Winning the Guardian top 10 Rural Hostel and Campsite for two years in a row, now could not be a better time to start planning a trip to our sensational corner of the UK.

Marthrown of Mabie has been a popular staycation destination for families and couples looking for a break from everyday life for the last 15 years.

Might a Scottish Forest retreat to breathe in all our fresh air be the ideal getaway for you and your family?! Here are our top 10 things to enjoy...

1. Yurt Glamping

Our yurts are custom built Mongolian tents that have all the home comforts you could want. With two more, slighter bigger yurts being built ready for SS 2021, a woodburning stove to keep you cosy all night long, full kitchen, double bed and a pull out sofa, yurts are the ideal romantic or family vacation to treat yourselves to something simply different.

2. Endless entertainment for kids

Marthrown of Mabie is the ideal staycation destination to allow your little ones to let off some steam. Whether it's mountain biking on the endless 7 Stanes trails, playing on the adventure ropes course or simply playing some family games in the yurt should it start to rain; revel in Mother Nature's playground and quickly find how happy your kids are to have mud between their toes again.

3. Bathe in the hot tub

'Tree Bathing' is an age-old way to reconnect the chakras inside of you, and we have a wood fired hot tub just waiting for you to relax and unwind. With Marthrown of Mabie being tucked away in the clearing of the forest, turn off the torches and just gaze up at the milky way that surrounds you. It's a sight you'll never forget - whether you are 6 or 60 years old!

4. Relax in the sauna and scream under the bucket shower

Our Swedish sauna is also a hit with all the family. The perfect place to unwind and release all the toxins for your skin. With eucalyptus oil on tap, clear your sinuses and feel yourself heal holistically. As for the kids, just wait til you hear the scream as you turn the bucket shower on! Don't worry... They always go back for more!

5. Explore the Solway Coastline

Although the Lake District is blessed with hillwalking and lakes to sail upon, the Solway Coastline has some of the UK's most stunning beaches, which Marthrown of Mabie are lucky enough to look right out over. Only a 20-minute drive away from the site, you can take your wetsuits down, do some rock pool scavenging, and supervised scrambling on the cliff rocks. It's also the most perfect expanse to fly a power kite, if you're feeling brave enough.

6. Turn off the tech

Marthrown of Mabie invites you to tear the kids away from Netflix and their Xbox. Lockdown has undoubtedly made us realise the necessity of technology in today's day and age - even we have felt connected via Zooming and Instagramming the world over! But there is something really special about not having to "tell" your kids to put their phones down, and them wanting to put it down themselves. Who wouldn't, with a forest on your doorstep! In a place that's truly safe, you can let them roam wild and free like the good old days.

7. Wild Swimming in Lochaber

Lochaber is a stunning freshwater loch that is only a 20-minute bike ride away from Marthrown of Mabie. It's reserved for private fishing and bird watchers, but also a crisp place to dive in on a hot day too. During the heat of lockdown, Rowan (our Black Lab Collie cross) and I have had it all to ourselves!

The lake is fun for all the family; a stunning place to go bathe, you might as well be in Plitvice Lakes or Lake Como, showing that Mabie Forest really does have it all at your fingertips.

8. Dog-Friendly Accommodation

Marthrown is the ideal staycation destination for your canine family members too. With Rowan getting old and lonely during the lockdown, our black lab cannot wait to welcome a few canine friends on to the site. All of our accommodation - the yurts, tipi, bunkhouse, campsite, and roundhouse are welcome to dogs. Our only condition is that they are good with other dogs, and have well-trained owners!

9. Mountain Biking Trails

Famed for the 7Stanes mountain biking trails, we have guests all year round to enjoy the endless tracks in the forest. With open forest roads to have a go at too, Marthrown is at the heart of biking heaven; the perfect place to help your little ones learn how to find the pedals.

10. Easy to get to from all UK major cities

Since air travel quarantine periods might make going abroad an unappealing option for a while, there has never been a better time to explore what's right on your doorstep. Whether by rail or car, Marthrown of Mabie can easily be reached from all of the UK's major cities. Infact, it's only 4 hours by train from London, and 2 hours drive away from Glasgow.

To enquire or book now, please book now or contact Pam in the office on 01387 247900.