Dog Friendly Accommodation

Dog Friendly Accommodation

We are a dog friendly accommodation site. There are several resident pets on site, and also lots of wildlife to see throughout the forest.

Your canine friends are welcome to stay anywhere on site, in any of the accommodation facilities. If you are travelling with a dog, please let us know in advance so that if any other guests have an issue, we can let them know in advance

Below is a little note from our Labrador/Border Collie Cross; very much an old boy now...

Hello fellow four-legged creatures;

My name is Rowan - Marthrown of Mabie's resident canine therapist.

Sadly, my sister Abbey passed away a year ago, so although we are dog friendly accommodation, I do get very lonely. I am delighted when I get to welcome new friends, and show them the wonderful smells in the BBQ area.

My Dad and Auntie Pam say that we always welcome well-behaved dogs with responsible owners (or vice versa !!)..

This summer, we cannot wait to open our doors to a 'puppy party' of over 20 Springer spaniels all under 2 years old! That will be heaps of fun. Dad says I'm running the kindergarten, but I don't ever remember agreeing to that!

Whether you are Yurt Glamping, staying in the Tipi, partying in the Celtic Roundhouse, using Marthrown as a party venue, here for an Outdoor wedding or just staying in the Bunkhouse or in the Camping area I look forward to sniffing you shortly.

A very friendly,