7 things people look for in the Great British Holiday

7 things people look for in the Great British Holiday

When choosing where to go on holiday in the UK, what is it that is most important to you?

This year has been anything but "to plan", but it's fair to say we've learned what is important to us. And of a British summer getaway, having taken a poll amongst most of our friends, we found a fairly solid list of what people are looking for. Questions ranged from;

"Can we swim? ", to "what activities can we do?", "can we experience nature at its finest" to the more obvious, "will it take me a million hours to get there, like it does to get to Cornwall?"

Here are the top 7 things people tend to want:

1. Space
2. Sunshine
3. Not too much traffic on the roads
4. Easy to get to
5. Safe
6. Scenery
7. Swimming

7 things people look for in the Great British Holiday

Every weekend, we are seeing news reports of crowded beaches and littered parks. With most of our usual holiday destinations still being hard to get to, it can be hard to find a place that ticks all of the above.

Enter Southwest Scotland, and a little more specifically, Marthrown of Mabie in the heart of the forest in Dumfries and Galloway.

7 things people look for in the Great British Holiday
7 things people look for in the Great British Holiday
7 things people look for in the Great British Holiday
7 things people look for in the Great British Holiday

Having been in the ecotourism business for 15 years now, we've learned that it takes a lot to create "the perfect getaway". Everyone is looking for something that little bit different. Frustratingly, it's often the case that when everyone finds it, it just isn't that special anymore! Instead, it's overcrowded, full of people, too hot and sticky, and there is someone moaning about it from the back seat...

At Marthrown, we've maintained a motto to just be Simply Something Different since we opened our doors to travellers back in January 2006, and so far, though it's not been plain sailing, it has certainly been quite an adventure.

Why choose Marthrown of Mabie for your next holiday?"

We can't promise sunshine. It is Scotland, after all. Nor that you'll definitely want to swap yachting in Greece for a wild swim in Lochaber, but Marthrown of Mabie is definitely different. We were one of the very first yurt glamping sites in the UK and have recently been voted one of the 'Top 10 hostels in Rural Scotland' by the Guardian Newspaper, 'Highly Recommended' by the Sottish Outdoor Leisure Awards and now this year in 2020 the Guardian readers voted us one of 'Top 10 UK Campsites'.

We've learned to appreciate what we have, not what we haven't. We don't have fresh Cornish ice cream, but we do have Cream of Galloway, bought and sold at Sandyhills beach only 20 minutes away. We don't have the hills in North Wales, but we do have the Lake District to look out at at sunset across the Solway Firth. We don't have the Cairngorms, but being only 50 mins from Carlisle, we're basically just up the M6; 6 hours from London by train, car or hitchhiking and a lot less than that for the north of England and the central belt of Scotland.

We also have some great places for scenic walks, be they sea cliffs, nearby Criffel with fabulous views, in the forest itself and, of course, great places for mountain biking all around being one of the 7 Stanes and the most centrally located for the other 6 Stanes..

So don't be a wally. Don't use up all your air miles on crammed Spanish (or anywhere else for that matter) beaches and then risk quarantine when you return. Use your annual leave wisely this year, and book a trip back in time in our Celtic Roundhouse, Tipi, Family Yurt, Couple yurt, holiday cottage or Camping instead.

Take a look at our website to see the details of all we have to offer, and the Roundhouse on Airbnb for a truly special experience this summer.