Saying goodbye to our beloved dog Rowan

Saying goodbye to our beloved dog Rowan

To all our guests and fellow canine lovers,

It is with great sadness that we said goodbye to Rowan on Friday 17th September, our 14-year-old lab-collie cross. A dog that all of our customers will know has been the life and soul of Marthrown for as long as we have been here - there to greet every guest that has come to stay with us.

Mabie Forest has been Rowan's home for his entire life; absolutely no one knew the smells and sounds of our paths like this old boy. There will truly never be a dog up here quite like him. Full of charm, charisma, spirit and warmth. Always friendly, loyal, and hungry - he is a lab, after all!

Arctic wolf first, Mike's best pal second, and chief wallower of Stans Pond third, he will be so very missed. Sleep well, old fella. We hope there's an endless supply of hares to chase up there, and that your dear sister Abbey is right by your side forever and eternity.

Love from all of us,
Mike, Pam, Amy and all of the Marthrown team xxx