On site Facilities

Sauna and Hot Tub


*Friday 4th September - As a result of the infection rate going up and, as a consequence quite a few areas have had restrictions imposed again, we feel that it is safer for all of us not to have them in use at this time
We will keep this page updated as to when we can open it again*

In the grounds we have an authentic Finnish Sauna and Hot Tub which are both wood fired and for the truly brave, there is our infamous ice bucket challenge - we'll hear the screams !
The sauna is self service - we provide the logs etc so you can light it whenever you want. The hot tub takes quite a lot longer to get ready and has many idiosyncrasies so please ask one of us to light it for you. If you are here for a party it certainly adds an extra dimension! Just let us know what time you would like to use it and we'll get the hot tub ready for you.
Whether you are Yurt Glamping, staying in the Tipi, partying in the Celtic Roundhouse, using Marthrown as a party venue, here for an Outdoor wedding or just staying in the Bunkhouse this is an ideal place for relaxing or having lots of fun