On site Facilities

"Go Ape" Style Ropes Course

Team Building Ropes Course


We have the Marthrown Challenge Ropes Course which will really test the skills of even the most determined participants to complete the whole circuit without touching the ground.

The Ropes course is often enjoyed by groups of all ages - from Stag Parties and Hen Parties, Special birthday occasions, and family holidays too. It is a great children's activity to keep them entertained, getting their attention away from the iPad and games consoles!

(Please ensure that all children are being supervised by an adult at all times - this is a Ropes Challenge Course NOT a playground)
Note: We haven't called it a playground because that would mean guaranteeing you couldn't get a rope burn or a splinter and we couldn't do that but ........! Well we're honest - if you are worried about that don't do it but if you're not and you're up for it....

Go ahead folks have fun - see if you are up to the challenge.